Writing web contents is a tough job; you have to be better than your competitors, include facts, and even write big blocks of texts to show that you have it all.

But did you know that all your web audiences are slowly shifting to mobile?

Most companies undermine this fact. But, here is the bitter truth – This is the era of smart devices. People like to keep everything on the top of the palm and access information from remote locations. Hence, the anatomy of writing compelling contents has changed over the years. Mobile audiences want short, fact-oriented, crisp, and easy-to-consume contents. With the new and engaging customers coming from smart devices, you might miss a significant share of customers if your contents are not optimized for mobile audiences.

Here are four tips to write for mobile audiences.

Include Main Information in the Center

The style of reading mobile content is different compared to a desktop or a laptop. When we visit a website on our computer, we start off from the top. But on a mobile, users usually roll their eye on the center of the page. Make your contents short and explicit, and ensure that you place the main contents on the center. Highlight the central text if possible, and combine them with compelling images to portray your vision. In short, write contents to provide your mobile audiences the best user experiences.

Short Compelling Headlines

Consider size of your mobile devices and create headlines to fit on the screen. Compared to large computers, the screen size of mobile devices is small. Write compelling headlines to grab the attention of your readers, and inspire them to scroll to the bottom of the page. Besides, mobile users don’t spend much time to read contents. Hence, short and easy-to-digest headlines can help your customers to understand the entire content with ease.

Include Strong Points

Accommodating the entire facts in your mobile contents is impossible. Mobile devices have a small screen allowing you to display so much of information at a time. So include essential points and make your contents informative and fact-based. Include real-time experiences to enhance your contents and use simple language to make it easily consumable. Create your contents by keeping your readers in mind.

Write Short and Consumable Sentences

Long sentences are hard to digest, not just for mobile audiences but even for PC enthusiasts. Huge blocks of texts are always hard to read and prevent your viewers from scrolling further. Most mobile readers are in a rush, and they need short and easy-to-read contents. Write short and meaningful materials to keep your audiences engaged with your site.

So before you write your next mobile content, consider these ideas.