As search marketers, we are always searching for innovative methods to connect with our audiences. Amongst all, PPC is a proven method to aid us throughout the decade. However, PPC trends are everchanging. As 2018 draws near, here are few PPC trends to be familiarized with.

Machine Learning
Gone are the days when A/B testing was a proven method to test the performance of PPC campaigns.Today, the process is considered time-consuming, while the results are not 100% accurate.
2017 was the year of artificial intelligence testing. The technology leverages machine learning to analyze the best variation for optimum performance, reach target users, and drive maximum ROI. In 2018 the AI testing will be used in abundance, and search marketers must prepare themselves for the upcoming change.
It’s 2018 an assortment of new PPC trends will hit the market. Google are already prepared to help their publishers make more money with proven techniques. So, what’s in it for Google? Simply put, the more money you make, the more Google makes.

Voice Search
Apple Siri was the first voice search assistance, which was introduced to the world in 2011. Now there is an abundance of voice assistance, but it’s just been few years since we started to use voice assistants. The rise of home smart speakers, powered by artificial intelligence, such as Amazon Echo, Apple Homepod, and Google Home gave voice search a new meaning.
Till now, most of the search is performed with keyboards. But as voice assistance are getting smarter, we can assume that it will be the next powerful search medium. By this PPC advertisers should select the keywords wisely, because the way you type can sometimes be different than the way you speak.

Google Shopping
In the beginning of 2017 Google was penalized with a heavy fine for publishing Google Shopping results in the search. They had to pay a heavy fine – 2.4 billion euros, considering that Google gains commission on such advertisements.
The new rules set by Google is much fairer to PPC advertisers. They are prohibited to place their ads on top, which is a great deal for us. For the search, advertisers have better chance to rank on top. But on the other side, Google Shopping might endow us with fewer sales than it did before.
The waves of PPC trends for 2018 is on the way. For now, let’s be prepared for the initial stage. With the following ideas, you can have a starting ground.