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At Xtend Business Solution, we have the right expertise with adequate skills to help you shape up a stout content marketing plan.

Bestowed with seasoned professionals, we develop robust content marketing plans to meet your business requirement and resonate with your audience’s needs. Select us as your digital content marketing partner, and we will use our proven expertise to deliver accurate results.

Content marketing offers wide-range of possibilities to businesses. Whether you are trying to boost your sales, promote your content in the online world, inspire new customer or retain existing business, content marketing can help you achieve all that and even more. Content Marketing is a creative task that requires dedication and commitment, but with the right push, it can help your business transcend to a new horizon.

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Content is the key element that can push your leads to the sales funnel and convert them into real-time buyers. Our content marketing strategy can help your brand to create signals across multiple platforms while allowing you to achieve credibility in the long run.

Before we pursue towards content creation, we book a brainstorming session with our clients to have a deep understanding of their company. Keeping the ideas and company goals in mind, we create lucrative contents to allure new prospects and leads. And work doesn’t stop here; we optimize various content marketing channels like blogs and social media and share your contents across these platforms to engage with new audiences.

Four Tips to Make Your Contents Smarter

By | November 3rd, 2017|Categories: Content Marketing, SEO|

Our world is rapidly transforming into digital, and slowly everything is becoming internet based. Despite the rise in connected technology, digital marketers are still striving to serve their contents on their customer's table. According to a report by BrightEdge, more than 73% marketers convey that less than half of their contents are frequently consumed by their target customers. And, it’s not just start-ups; even big brands like Adidas, Nike, Apple, and Google are also having a hard time to create alluring content. Such problems have led companies to waste marketing efforts working hours. Hence, it is time for marketers to take a detour and consider smart contents. So, what is smart content? Easily discoverable Optimized for consumption Measurable To enhance [...]

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