Our world is rapidly transforming into digital, and slowly everything is becoming internet based. Despite the rise in connected technology, digital marketers are still striving to serve their contents on their customer’s table. According to a report by BrightEdge, more than 73% marketers convey that less than half of their contents are frequently consumed by their target customers.

And, it’s not just start-ups; even big brands like Adidas, Nike, Apple, and Google are also having a hard time to create alluring content. Such problems have led companies to waste marketing efforts working hours. Hence, it is time for marketers to take a detour and consider smart contents.

So, what is smart content?

  • Easily discoverable
  • Optimized for consumption
  • Measurable

To enhance productivity and user engagement, companies need to stop creating traditional content and step forth towards smart contents – contents created to solve customer problems and optimized for search engines. Smart contents can improve the ROI and make your contents consumable by the readers.

For this, the data gathered by the marketers can be invaluable. They can easily configure what their consumers are searching for using different marketing platforms including email, social media, and website. Besides that, marketers can also identify the emerging trends and understand popular contents that their target audiences will engage with. Data plays the key role to provide insights on customer intent and the topics marketers need to generate that serves this audience.

Here are four tips to create smart contents.

Understand Your Customers

Before you write anything, make sure that you know who is going to read your contents. Smart contents mean creating precise contents and serving them to your customers at the right time.

To tap into your customers’ interest, you can use marketing data to understand their problems and provide them the right solutions. Understand whom you want to target and develop the topics and ideas to drive their interest.

Make Your Contents Interesting

Contents written like the pages of books are boring. Make your contents interesting, short, fact-oriented, and consumable. Instead of writing blocks of paragraphs about your company, add something crisp and make your contents consumable. You can use story writing, infographics, images, and videos to make your contents more readable. Also look at search data and understand rising trends and topics of interest.

Optimize Your Contents for Search Engine

Before publishing make sure that your contents are SEO friendly. Develop SEO-enabled contents and optimize them for different platforms.

Consult with your team’s SEO expert and create contents that will rank high on SERPs. This will increase the impact and effectiveness of the created content. Searchable contents will be read by your target audiences, and if they are good they will share it on their social media accounts.


After you publish your contents, always measure their performance. Understand how they are affecting your business goal and how your customers are consuming with the published materials. Data and measurement are the two key factors of a smart content. Know what you want to achieve with your contents such as user engagement, conversion, ranking, and visitor rate, and understand how your contents are contributing you to reach your goals.

Summing Up

Before you write and publish anything, make sure that it drives value to your brand. Create a robust content marketing plan, and understand how it contributes to your business expansion.