Why do we create websites? To promote our brand and place our products and services in front of our audiences.

And how do we do that? There are dozens of tricks, but the most efficient way is to rank our website on the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

However, promoting your website on the web is not a piece of cake. The ever-changing algorithm of SEO is complicated, and it can baffle the heads of even the skilled expert. With Search engines prioritizing paid advertisement, it is becoming hard for businesses to stay on the front page. To stand out in the competition, companies must embrace the latest SEO trends and tactics. But, how can you compete in a market where every company is up-to-date with the current information. How can you stay on the top of SERPs and score those valuable clicks? Though the competition is fierce, you can always play smart to stay ahead of the game. Here are few SEO tips that will help you to climb the ladder of success.

Make Your Foundation Strong

The internet is bombarded with websites that offer similar products and services. And most of these sites are perfectly optimized to ensure maximum ROI. But, do all of these websites pass every criterion? The answer is a big ‘NO.’ Small factors determine the success of a site, and few essential elements are always undermined.

You add bells and whistles to make your website fancy, and it does pass the test. It matches your brand’s themes and all the buttons are aligned correctly. But, the foundation of your website is the groundwork.  To ensure optimum return make sure that you have to set up Webmasters Tools and Google analytics, create original contents, design a sitemap, ensure your URL is search engine friendly, and back-up your website social media channels.

Also, make sure that the robot.txt file is in the right place. This extension protocol enables search engine robots to crawl your site and index your pages.

Prioritize User Rating

The SEO algorithm is confusing. It’s not just SEO; there are a plethora of other elements that affect your SERP ranking. Today if you want to reach the sky, then you have to make stars your best friends. User review or rating stars play a crucial role to take your business to the top of search engines.

For this, you can take assistance from Google’s seller ratings. This application allows you to purchase customers review and promote your products and services. For this, you’ll have to collect 150 reviews within a year. This will increase the CTR rate on your products without spending extra on ads. Google said, “Customers with Seller Ratings see 17% increment on their CTR rate than the same ads without.” In the long run, this application will boost your ranking on SERPs and increase your revenue.

Besides that, also consider organic traffic. Organic reviews are the best ways to entice search engines and score big on the internet.

Say No to Duplicate Meta Information

Before we start, here is the must know fact – Duplicate meta descriptions lead to increased bounce rate.

Simply put, don’t fake on your Meta information. Let your audience know about your actual services, the more legit the information, the more clicks you’ll get. Though Meta information is not a primary ranking factor, it affects other elements such as user review, SEO ranking, and more. A well-written meta-description can compel your audiences to visit your site and help you bag those precious user review stars. In the long run, it will help you to establish a genuine relationship with your audiences and inspire them to engage with your site.

Think Local

Promoting your site does not happen overnight, you’ll have to do it brick by brick.

Though your website is a global platform for your business, local search can help you to boost your ranking in different search engines. Many search engines including Google and Bing consider local search as a primary ranking element. If your website performs well in the local market, search engines might pave your path to hit the international market. Hence, it is important to consider local SEO and NAP consistency. This will help you to achieve local reviews, which is an essential part of many search engine algorithms.