The stupendous technological innovation of 2017 is outstanding. Amongst all, mobile app development industry took the gigantic leap towards the next horizon. As smartphones are getting cheaper, the demand for mobile application has escalated to new grounds. More than 70% of Android users visit play store every day. With the increasing use of smartphones, mobile application will be an influential part of the digital marketing.

Today, businesses (both medium and large) leverage mobile application to reach new audiences. As the credibility of mobile apps has surpassed web-based application, most companies are switching towards this innovation. To keep up with the technological pace, there are few trends that every developer must understand.

Wearable Devices

The massive production and adoption of wearable devices is not a new topic for tech experts. 2017 was the year of wearable devices, as companies like Apple, Xiaomi, FitBit, and Samsung sold millions of wearables gadgets in the global market. Earlier wearable technologies were limited to smartphones, but now people can buy devices such as fitness band and smartwatch at a fraction of the price. Shortly, users will search for mobile application to support the functionality of wearable devices.

Cross Platforms Apps

Gone are the days when people carried a simple smartphone. Modern users operate from multiple mobile devices belonging to different operating platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. This has increased the demand for cross-platform application – an application that works on both mobile platforms. The application must offer similar features and function on multiple platforms. Cross-platform applications can save time and operational cost while offering maximum ROI.

IOT Applications

Application designed only for smartphones are becoming old-school. Modern developers have brought waves of changes, transforming technology as we know it. One of the biggest innovation of this era is the Internet of Things. In coming days, every object around us will be connected to a common network with smartphones becoming the connecting hub for all those devices. Technical experts have stated that within 2020 everything most object around us will be connected. NEST Security Cams, Apple Smartwatch, LG Smart Refrigerators, and UBER Self Driving Cars are excellent examples of the Internet of Things.

Enterprise Applications

The rapid adoption of enterprise application will soon revamp the culture of mobile application development. Most companies are deploying such apps to create a favorable working environment for their employees. Though the initial cost is high, the return is much higher. Such application help enterprises to improve productivity while mitigating unnecessary expenses. Simply put, this trend allows businesses to create mobility solutions for optimizing operational workflow.

The latest trends in mobile application development will refine the app development industry. The spectrum of mobile application will encircle new and interesting things, and we’ll have infinite trend changing application.