As a website owner, time and again we stumble upon different factors that affect our web ranking. The SEO algorithm of Google and other search engines are ever changing and it’s hard to keep up with the pace. However, there are some constant factors that affect your overall ranking.

We looked into 5,00 different websites and came up with the following results.

Direct Website Visits
Simply put, the volume of direct visits affects the organic traffic your site will attract. For this, you’ll have to improve your contents, graphics, and make your website easily navigable. This will inspire your customers to visit your websites again and again. No Google search, no social media, and no advertisement costs.

Time on Site
Whenever your visitors spend more time on your website, Google will rank you higher on their SERPs. Google bots analyze that users have found something interesting on your site features your site on top of its search engine result page. But how to keep your users engaged? Offer great contents to your users, and they will be hooked on your site for a while.

Bounce Rate
Bounce rate is the key component for ranking. Simply said, the higher the bounce rate, the lower you rank. Again, this topic is related with the contents. If your contents are good, people will stick around and if your contents are unnecessary they won’t take much time before bouncing back to the SERP.

Referring Domains
One of the best tactics to get your site on the top is to get more websites link that get back to you. The referring domains suggests Google that you are the key player in the game. Besides that, it helps people to know that your website is there when they need it. Google considers backlinks as a highly influential raking element, and you can’t miss it out.

Writing for magazines and websites are slightly different. In magazines, you’ll start off with the least important facts but this does not work for websites. Your web visitors are always in a rush, they want to see the important contents first. Som make sure that your contents are well-written and are designed for your web audiences. This will help you to attract new audiences and boost your ranking on search engine result pages.

Keywords are the key element that affect your ranking. To start off, think of the words that your users would use in their search. Embed such words in your title, description, meta-title, meta-descriptions. This will help the users to identify your site, and you’ll have more customers on the go.