A website serves as your brand’s digital store. It displays all your products and services, takes them in front of your target audiences. But, the big question is – How to make our website engaging?

A recent study concluded that 97% web users consider design as an essential factor for user engagement. A well- designed website generates better traffic and helps you to stay ahead of the competition. However, most web designers neglect this fact and develop a website to portray their creativity.

Creativity is important, but adding unnecessary bells and whistles in your design only makes things worse. To implement your skills wisely, you must follow some guidelines.

Keep the Layout Simple

Gone are the days when a fancy looking website was considered the best. The web audiences are getting smarter, and people aim to keep everything simple. From a user’s perspective, a website should be understandable, easier to navigate, and clean. On the counter side, a transparent website decreases the load time and is compatible with different platforms and devices. This provides your audiences an enjoyable experience.

Make Navigation Easy

Here’s the big news – Google has announced that going deeper than three pages will lead to negative ranking points. Make your menu simple in appearance, and make navigation for each page easy. This will inspire to stick around for a while. Besides that, use clear CTA buttons, readable text, and vibrant colors. By doing so, you can enhance the appearance of your site while attracting more audiences.

Feature Engaging Videos and Images

Needless-to-say, video, and images can bring more audiences to your site when compared to contents alone. In fact, compelling photos and videos can increase your user engagement by 100%. Using scalable images and HD quality videos can entice more audiences into your site.

Besides, you can use creative videos to reflect your brand’s theme on the home page. It allows your audiences to understand what your company is all about, and help them to engage in the days to come.

Make your website mobile-friendly

Did you know that 78% web audiences browse the internet through their smartphones? And there is a good probability that people might visit your website for the first time using their mobile device. This means, if your website is not mobile-friendly you might lose a customer. In today’s date, its essential for designers to make their site mobile-friendly.

For instance, you can check E-bay’s website, it is mobile friendly, easy-to-navigate, and the CTA buttons are positioned for instant actions.

Offer enhanced search option

Today, the audiences are mobile. This means they want quick results.

Most visitors will visit your site and expect quick results. Place the search bar on the most visible part of your homepage, and make sure that the results are accurately organized. Also, incorporate an auto-complete feature to make search easy for your users.

Conduct Quality Assurance

To ensure that your site is optimized to the fullest, don’t hesitate to hire a quality assurance team. They will check every aspect of your site, and bring your site back to life. Your QA team will test every section of your website by clicking every link, searching different related terms, filling out forms and trying services, and optimizing internal codes. And, if there is any flaw on your site, they will repair it.

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