Are you still using the same old content that was written ten years ago? If yes, it’s time to revamp your contents and add a dash of charisma – latest information.

Every content has an expiry date, but it strictly relies on the industry your company belongs to. Some businesses need to change their contents regularly (fashion, entertainment, and media) while others use the content for an extended period (manufacturing, automobile, and IT). Whenever contents grow old, the results start to decline, which leads to less user engagement and conversion. To survive in the competitive market, businesses need to serve fresh contents on their customer’s table.

Here are five reasons to update your contents

Increase CTR Rate

Google Search Analytics is the best place to start your journey. Sign-in to your Google Analytics to check the Click Through Rate of each piece of content, you’ll understand which the contents driving traffic and the contents need instant updates. Though the results might surprise you, it’s essential to change the contents bringing zero traffic to your sites. So, make a list and start prioritizing valuable contents to increase your CTR.

Your Contents Might Not Be Well Written

First things first, stop bragging about additional topics and make your content to-the-point. Poorly written contents can create a negative impression of your brand, which might drive away your audience. Also, improve the language, use punctuation marks correctly, avoid unnecessary facts, and make it readable. To prevent mistakes, re-read the contents twice before publishing and distribute it among your colleagues for proofreading.

Outdated Information

Believe me; no one wants to read stale contents!

If you want to drive traffic to your site, you must serve fresh and relevant contents. Most users consider outdated contents as wrong contents. On the other side, failing to update information reflects the weak status of your company. The information that you want to provide through your contents should solve your customer’s problems while promoting your brand’s status. Old contents with outdated details will leave a negative impression of your company among your audiences.

Update Links

Are your hyperlinks still working?

Once we place anchor links on our contents, we leave them for years, in hopes they are still working. But, embedded links might be damaged or deleted over the course of time. If your customers click on the link and are directed towards a 404 error page, this can be an annoying issue to many. This, in turn, can prevent your customers from revisiting your site.

To update the links you won’t have to alter the entire content, just check for the broken ones and fix them.

To Add Visual Contents

Visual contents are best tool for content marketing!

Gone are the days when text-based posts ruled the internet. Today, audiences are drawn towards visual contents. Visual contents enhance the user prevents and creates better insight amongst the users. Besides that, it also helps users to generate new idea regarding your contents. Instead of making your contents long and tedious, use visual elements to elaborate your topics.